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  • 2 min read

Pivo Moving Camera Pods are designed to be your personal cameraman!

If you are a content creator in Dubai or are running a startup, you need to have this device!

Pivo is a moving pod for iPhone that tracks all the moves and captures the right moment at the right time.

It can be your go-to camera crew, your business partner, your content hero, and your key to success.

With the growing popularity of content creators across the globe, there has to be something that distinguishes you from the rest- buy the best.

Pivo’s Auto Tracking keeps you in focus and frame so that you get the perfect shot, every time.

Investing in YouTube Video Making Accessories is one of the best investments that you can make in your career.

Pivo has a huge range of YouTube Video Making Accessories, here are our top 2 favorites:

1. PIVO Fast Auto-Tracking Smartphone Interactive Content Creation Pod - Black

 Moving Camera Pod Dubai

What if we say, this tiny pod can create virtual 3D tours? Well, yes, it can.

If you run a business or own an educational institute, this moving camera pod can change the way you interact with content.

Pivo Pod Black is designed to improve online meetings & presentations with video chat and AI-powered motion tracking.
Not only this, it goes beyond your imagination to deliver an immersive experience that is far from just professional and always fresh.

We give it 5 out of 5 stars as this one of the best moving camera podsthat you can buy in Dubai today.

Get Pivo on dxb.net and watch your business grow!

2. PIVO Auto Tracking Smartphone Interactive Content Creation Pod with Smart Mount + Travel Case Starter Pack - Red


Pivo Red on dxb.net

If you love to travel and capture moments on the go, this is the best buy. 

Strike a pose and Pivo captures you at your best angle.

It is smart, it is interactive, and it knows the best!

PivoPod is an interactive smart pod for the insanely creative creators, like you.

This starter pack comes with Smart Mount that lets you adjust to different angles and take those creative shots.

The hard travel case secures your Pivo Pod, Remote Control, Smart Mount, and charging cable in one convenient package - perfect for your travels.

Travel the world with a small box of your moving camera pod.

Pro Tip: Carry Wacaco Minipresso, a portable coffee maker for instant coffee wherever you go!

If you are obsessed with buying YouTube video making accessories, or are looking for phone stand for reels, we highly recommend you to buy this from dxb.net.

 Still wondering why are so crazy Pivo? Check this blog on why Pivo and you will get it.


We hope you enjoyed the blog.

If you have any question about moving tripod for iPhone or moving camera pods or any other YouTube video making accessory, feel free to reach out to us on info@dxb.net.