Kymera Electric Body Board

The Kymera Body Board is the world’s first electric jet-propelled body board, able to launch a rider at 30kph across the water! The Kymera is the easiest of all jet boards to ride - as long as you're tall enough to reach the trigger (about 150cm tall), just pull the trigger and away you go! It's difficult to fall off, making it ideal for riders who are not confident on standup boards, or in the water generally.  It's easy to store, transport, carry and launch at your nearest lake, river or beach.

Price comparison to a jet ski

With the recent introduction of low-priced personal watercrafts, people are asking "Why don't I just buy a jet ski?  It's the same price!"
But Kymeras and jet skis are not the same thing.  Convenience, launch anywhere, let anyone ride, low weight, small size, easy transport, easy storage, clean fuel, zero emission, easy maintenance and low noise come at a price.
It takes just one minute to stow a Kymera and battery in the back of the car and get on the road to the beach, without having to launch at a crowded boat ramp.
But, to answer to the question, the Kymera is not more expensive than even the cheapest personal watercraft!
1. a new personal watercraft, even cheap personal watercraft, on a trailer costs well in excess of the price of a Kymera
2. a Kymera comes with a lifetime of fuel for most owners!  The only fuel costs are the cost of recharging a battery, which in most places is well under 5 AED per charge
We still like jet skis but Kymeras are a very different watercraft, and we want to ensure that people are comparing apples to apples when making purchasing decision and considering indirect costs too.